Electric Heating Elements, Temperature Sensors and Temperature Controls


TD Thermal Ltd is a specialist supplier of industrial electric heating elements, temperature sensors and temperature controls. We offer excellent technical application assistance and products at competitive prices. If you prefer we can supply a complete control solution using our experience in control panel manufacturing, customised control solutions and software design.

We are an authorised distributor for Pixsys srl to supply their range of industrial process controllers and industrial automation systems.

We are the official agents for HT S.p.A covering the U.K. and Ireland for industrial electric cartridge, PTC and strip heaters plus electric heaters for towel rails.  

We also supply many other types of electric heating elements including silicone rubber mat heaters, tubular rod elements & cast aluminium heaters, the majority of which are custom made to suit specific application. 

Whilst the majority of our customers are OEM's we also supply industrial end users and CL1 electric elements to OEM's & distributors of electric towel rail heaters.

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TD Thermal Ltd

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Registered in England and Wales No. 5594441

VAT No. GB 873 7030 19

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